Thursday, April 7

Fedde Le Grand - Control Room

Check it out!

On a side note, I've got almost 100 followers! Tell your friends!

Tuesday, April 5


I don't actually hate Techno, but Dr. Philth probably does. Like his Facebook page, he gave us a freebie :) Heartstopper.

Dr. Philth - Technowank


Point.Blank - Break Your Face:

Datsik - Gecko VIP

Inception Dubstep

HOLY shit. If you haven't seen this already... see it NOW!!! This remix absolutely blew my mind the first time I saw it.

EDIT: Awww man, the embed didn't work :(

View it here:
It's fucking sick.

Monday, April 4

Music Mondays!

I'm starting a new project: Music Mondays

I'm going to post a few songs every Monday, well, because it's Monday. :P Anyways, enjoy these songs! I really like them, maybe you will too? I've got Dada Life, Prelude and Redial for you guys! Haveee ffuuuuuun!

Just a note: ALL the songs I upload are 320kbps!!!!!

Sunday, April 3

Justice - Civilization

And so we have a new track from Justice. Make sure to buy it when it's officially released!

Saturday, April 2

I'm pretty sure everyone likes Skrillex, so enjoy this amazing tune by him. There's no official release date yet, but when it comes out, buy it!