Thursday, September 11

Ethic - Rio --- FREE DOWNLOAD

David Butterfield - The Kingdom


David Butterfield returns as a feature on Zoupic Music with "The Kingdom," a rendition of sounds so well put together it puts you in a zone of its own. Check out the first feature from Mr Butterfield "Renegade" on our channel and point out the improvements for him to read and be proud of.


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Wednesday, September 10

VÉRITÉ - Weekend

The rising New York City star is due for another feature on the channel. I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but it's about darn time I started using all this extra time for something. It's not even fun to tell you guys how much time I've got. ANYWAYS, enjoy the tune "Weekend" by VÉRITÉ.

Monday, June 4

I'm back!

Sorry guys, I've been inactive on this blog for a while now simply because I forgot about it! I'll be putting up regular posts nowadays to get you guys back on track!