Thursday, November 24

Bad Santa VIP - Matt Sayers

A gnarly, filthy and massively brutal mash of many of Matt Sayers favorite tracks, this christmas-spired dubstep banger is absolutely guaranteed to get the job done right....and that job is certainly not spreading holiday cheer to all the good little children! Matt Sayers transforms the classic christmas theme into a wild and wonky, face-melting bass explosion overflowing with gun-shots, up-pitched vocals, and all manner of other crazily distorted nastiness.

Follow Matt Sayers at:!/TheeMattSayers

Saturday, November 12

Skream - Calous

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I have started uploading videos to my YouTube channel again. I'm probably going to continue to upload videos but at the same time I'm only going to give you guys tracks to the most awesome songs I hear. :)

Find my channel at:

Here's a sample song! 

Sunday, November 6

SOFI & Millions Like Us - Broken Souvenirs

Hey, everyone. I've started uploading music again on YouTube! Rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you very much!

This track from SOFI is fucking hot with some heavy bass and whatnot.
PS. Don't dubstep and drive!

Wednesday, November 2


Oh, hi. I'm back. Sorta? Anyways here are some new bangers that just came out recently. I think they're really great and wish you all the best with your head nodding and surprise orgasms. Good bye.
PS. Don't dubstep and drive!

xKore - Hello

Truth & Decoda - The Emperor 

Monstercat - Cloak and Dagger

Skream - Calous